ACFI Admission Targets and Staff Costs

ACFI is imperative to the financial success of an aged care business.

Seminar Overview

ACFI is a key revenue stream of any residential aged care business. Aged Care providers can choose to manage ACFI and there are some key criteria that should be implemented to ensure ACFI is maximised and that key staff have a fundamental understanding of how the ACFI model operates. 


The ACFI101 program provide valuable insights into the ACFI revenue stream and the associated best practice ACFI management requirements. In addition, this program also discusses the principles of rostering in relation to its correlation with ACFI.

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Seminar Cost

$249 + GST per participant



$299 + GST per participant


Course Outline

  • Identifying and setting ACFI admission targets

  • Why the ACFI resident profile is so important to the ongoing financial viability of a facility

  • Is there a minimum ACFI target that should be set?

  • What ACFI pays for in the operating model of an aged care facility

  • Measure labour costs and to identify opportunities for efficiencies including identifying staffing hours

  • Flexing a roster based on resident acuity and occupancy

  • Enterprise Agreement overview (standard)

  • Protocols for setting a budget roster and developing a roster template

  • Rostering with the required skills mix

  • Analysing labour costs and the key drivers

  • The key foundations of efficient labour deployment in the aged care environment

  • Leave types and leave management in the aged care environment (including leave balance management)

  • Record keeping in the aged care environment

  • Using casual and agency staff and the implications on rostering

  • Implementing fair, flexible and equitable rostering protocols

  • Ensuring rosters have adequate staff supervision, training and clinical handover

  • Understanding Salary packaging for PBI employees

  • Managing staff availability and WHS

  • Managing time in lieu and overtime

  • Rostering measures of success

Suggested Participants

This program has been designed to enhance the financial skills and acumen of staff involved in the ACFI management and rostering process, including Facility and Care Managers, Rostering Staff, Finance and Administration Staff, Area Managers and Regional Managers.

This program will also provide a valuable insight into the ACFI setting and correlating rostering process for Board Members and Executive Team members.

2021 Dates

Thursday, 18 November 1pm – 4pm

Program Testimonial

"I am going to take what I learnt and implement strategies to bring ACFI and Rosters to industry standard." Mel, Gosford NSW

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