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Emerging Leaders

Invest in your emerging leaders and develop them into future leaders with well-rounded leadership and management skills.

Seminar Overview

The Emerging Leaders program provides aspiring leaders with invaluable experience and understanding of leadership and business operations.

The course develops participants knowledge and leadership skills across a number of core learning areas in a flexible learning environment, that includes face to face delivery, group projects, workplace projects, and online support material. This allows participants to develop relationships with other aspiring leaders and put their new knowledge to practice.

The programs topics include core leadership skills including managing finances, leading self and others, empowering innovation, navigating risk ethics and politics, change management, and implementing new initiatives.

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Suggested Participants

This program is ideal for team members with management potential, including team leaders, shift supervisors, or more junior team members.

This program is facilitated over 12 short sessions and can be completed in 6-24 months, depending on the time constraints of participants.

Seminar Cost

$249 + GST per participant



$299 + GST per participant

Program Testimonial

"This program has been amazing and given me an understanding of what it takes to be a good manager and leader and all the different facets that come with it." Andrew, Newcastle NSW


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