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Essentials Seminars

Want to round out your skill set?

Our Essentials Seminars cover a range of topics that are essential to the ongoing success of your organisation. These skills were not traditionally seen as core skills within the care sectors, but in the current market it is important that all skills areas are developed to ensure you provide a service that meets current expectations.


Leadership Fundamentals

Increase efficiency and improve team culture through enhanced leadership.


Workplace Culture

Hands-on, practical information to improve and maintain a positive workplace culture.


Emerging Leaders

Invest in your next generation of leaders.

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Customer Service 101

Build on the skills of your team to ensure a consistent level of exceptional customer service.


Strategic Planning

The heart of your organisation; develop your strategic planning skills with this seminar.


Managing Performance

Improve your confidence when leading performance management conversations.


Marketing Essentials

Gain simple strategies to improve your marketing quickly and cost-effectively.


Data Breach Management

Gain a better understanding of data breach management and protect your organisation's data.

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Board Masterclass

How well does your Board understand change in the Aged Care and Disability sectors?