Business Development Coordinator

Eli Van Der Byl

Meet Our Team

Eli is completing a Commerce Degree at University of Queensland and also provides tutoring to high school students to enhance their academic results. He has been part of the MobiAssist team from the very beginning and is passionate about working with vendors and customers to get the best outcomes.

Get to know Eli

What's your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is how dynamic it is. I'm constantly learning new things and engaging in projects that I find highly interesting. I also get to work across different areas in the organisation, advancing my knowledge of efficient business processes and structures.

Is there a quote that motivates you?

The quote that motivates me is, "If it were easy, everyone would do it." It helps me understand that success does not come easy and that pursuing something not many people can achieve can be challenging but worth it.

When you were five years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger, I wanted to become an architect. I always had an appreciation for design and how it was embodied practically through architecture. This aspiration for creativity persists, and I am glad that I can utilise it in the projects I work on today.

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