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Accommodation Pricing Model

This spreadsheet supports the Accommodation Bond Liquidity Management Strategy that is designed to ensure compliance with statutory Prudential requirements.  In addition, it is designed to ensure that residents receive repayment of bond balance entitlements on a timely basis and within legislated timeframes.


The spreadsheet contains a detailed  instruction how to update and has the following structure that includes a template for Liquidity Management Strategy - LMS:

  1. DataBase - This sheet populates other spreadsheets by formulas
  2. Summary - Contains the summary of all spreadsheets on one page
  3. Establish RAD - Establish RAD by assessing historical bond, local real estate and competitor pricing.  And Inflate value considering loss of retentions
  4. Financial Model - Estimate impact of loss of retentions and Estimate benefit from additional cash received from HC RADs.
  5. Financial Model Cash - Estimate the cash flow for the forecasting period.
  6. Financial Model Bonds/RADS - Detailed list for:
    • Retention Income Tail from Current Bonds
    • Retention Income Tail from Forecast Bonds Received Jan-14 to Jun-14 ( if applicable)
    • RAD Agreement Forecast
  7. Liquidity - Prepare LMS for forecasted facility position and Assess movement from previous position
  8. LMS - Prepare LMS for forecasted facility position and Assess movement from previous position.

Accommodation Pricing Model

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