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Business Continuity Plan

This document is a template and acts as a foundational Business Continuity Plan for your organisation. A Business Continuity Plan resides inside the main Business Plan and contains all the necessary information required for an organisation to resume operations after an emergency or crisis. The purpose of the plan is to enable effective planning and responding to all potential or actual disaster events that put an organisation and their people at risk. This plan holds two key functions in the event of crisis event or emergency, these being: assess capacity and recognise alternative strategies to provide services to residents and consumers. It contains 48 pages and 9,227 words.


This template contains:

  1. Purpose of the Planning Resource
  2. Preliminaries
    • Executive Summary
    • Scope of the Plan
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Disaster/Emergency Planning Committee (D/EPC)
    • Plan Review
    • Training and Exercising
    • Distribution
    • Amendment Control
    • Amendment Register
  3. State Disaster Management Arrangements
  4. About the Facility
    • Location
    • Management
    • Building and Site Maps
    • Disaster Plans in the Locality of the Facility
    • Client’s Care Needs
  5. Risk Management
    • Risk Identification
    • Risk Assessment
    • Facility Risk Register
    • Facility Risk Evaluation
    • Facility Risk Treatment
    • Business Impact Assessment
    • Facility Activity Priority
  6. Roles and Responsibilities
  7. Event and Disaster Response
    • Activation of the Plan
    • Duties to be Undertaken
    • Logging/Recording of the Event and Response
    • Service Impact Analysis Template
    • Role Allocation
  8. Planning Considerations for Specific Disruptions
    • Staffing Disruptions
    • Accommodation Loss
    • Loss of Residential Areas (Bedrooms)
    • Use of Transport for Relocation
    • Loss of Non-Residential Areas
    • Electricity Supply Disruptions
    • Water Supply Disruptions
    • Catering Disruptions
    • Loss of Medical Gases
    • Disruption to Laundry Services
    • Telecommunications and Information Technology Loss
    • Management of Deceased Clients
    • Evacuating Clients
    • Receiving Relocated Clients
  9. Recovery
  10. Recovery from Disruptions
    • Short Term
    • Medium Term
    • Long Term
    • Debriefing and Capturing Lessons Learnt
    • Recovery Coordination
    • Recovery Plan
  11. Plan Maintenance
  12. Key Contact Details
  13. Appendix

Business Continuity Plan

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