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Financial Management - Revenue

This document is a template and acts as a foundational Financial Management Revenue Policy. It will outline the guidelines to ensure that the acquisition, allocation, distribution, and management of financial resources facilitate the provision of quality environments and services and the organisation's financial viability.


This document contains 16 pages and 4,008 words with the following topics:


  1. Policy Statement
  2. Maintenance of Financial Integrity
  3. budget formulation and management
  4. Accommodation RAD/Bond Management Revenue
  5. Resident Fees Management
  6. Client (Home Care) Fees Management
  7. Recurrent Fees
  8. Entry Contributions
  9. Subsidy Management
  10. Grants
  11. Donations and Bequests
  12. Accounts Receivable
  13. Cash management
  14. Revenue procedure with Personnel Responsible

Financial Management - Revenue

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