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Strategic Planning

Want practical information on how develop a meaningful, actionable strategic plan?

Seminar Overview

Strategy is the heart of your organisation—every decision made, whether by the Board, the Management Team, Staff, or others, should be made in conjunction with the organisation's Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is the pulse of your organisation and should be treated as a "living" document which charts and monitors the direction your business is travelling.

​The key to strategic planning is monitoring the organisation's progress in achieving its strategic objectives. We will provide the tools and insights to make sure your organisation achieves its strategic objectives.

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Suggested Participants

This program has been developed to enhance the skills of Aged Care Managers, Administration team members, Managers and Regional Managers.

This program will also provide a valuable insight into aged care strategic planning for Board Members and Executive Team members.

Seminar Cost

$249 + GST per participant



$299 + GST per participant

Program Testimonial

"Thanks for a fun and engaging seminar that really got me thinking. I can't wait to take this back to my Board and managers and start working on a strastegic plan that will be more than a box ticking exercise." Denise, Melbourne VIC


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