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Aged Care Approved Provider Application

For Residential Aged Care, Home Care and Flexible Care 

Have you considered diversifying your business to become a Home Care Approved Provider? During this time of uncertainty it is a good time to consider future proofing your business with an additional government funded revenue stream. 

An Aged Care Approved Provider can provide home care, residential aged care and flexible care. Approved providers are responsible for the care they deliver, assist care recipients to make decisions about quality care, manage government subsidies and manage care recipient's fees and payments.

Aged Care Approved Providers must:

  • Be a corporation

  • Not have any disqualified individuals as key personnel

  • Have experience providing aged care or other relevant forms of care

  • Understand approved provider responsibilities

  • Has, or will have, systems in place to meet their responsibilities

  • Have, or will have, sound financial management records and practices

  • Comply with financial obligations and other responsibilities as an aged care provider, if they already are one


Applying to become an aged care provider can be time-consuming and complex.  Our CareCFO team can expertly help your business apply to become an approved aged care provider by assisting with your application and supporting documentation.  

If you are interested in becoming an aged care approved provider please contact us via email for a quote or phone us on 0493 055 307.

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