Effective management of your stakeholders has an ongoing positive impact on your organisation’s loyalty, trust, engagement, and reputation.

Our services include:

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Stakeholders include a broad range of groups, including clients, their family members and friends, staff, volunteers, and the broader community.

Effective management of your stakeholders has positive impacts on your organisation; loyalty, trust, engagement, reputation.

We work with organisations across the country to help them manage their stakeholders and undertake projects to improve their stakeholder relationships.


Case Study
Staff Surveys
Case Study
and Competitor Analysis
Case Study
and Onboarding Documentation

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Our experienced consulting team have helped thousands of organsiations across the country, from large multinational corporations to small providers in regional and rural locations throughout Australia.

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Mystery Customer

A mystery customer evaluation is the most comprehensive way to gain unbiased feedback on the experience when interacting with your organisation. 

More commonly associated with retail and hospitality, mystery customer is now available through CareCFO for the care sectors. We can even mystery shop your competitors and compare the experience in key areas that are important to you.


Induction Programs

Do you have a robust and engaging induction program?


A great induction program should inspire, instil loyalty, and demonstrate your values and workplace culture. Induction programs are often described as ‘dull’ with ‘information overload’. Our team can work with you to develop an inspiring and engaging induction program to give your new recruits the best start in their role.


Change Management

Is your organisation undergoing change? Change can be scary for many people and is often met with resistance, but change is inevitable and a requirement of an innovative business that responds to industry and consumer changes.


We can assist with the change management processes, from developing strategies, to surveying staff, or facilitating information sessions. 


Onboarding and Exiting

The onboarding and exiting of both staff and clients are critical times to achieve a positive relationship. Ensuring your onboarding and exiting procedures, documents, and collateral exceed the expectations of your staff and clients, and safeguards the reputation of your organisation.


Engage CareCFO to review your onboarding and exiting procedures and make recommendations to improve your staff and client satisfaction.


Client Satisfaction Surveys

Understanding your client’s experience will highlight areas where you excel and areas that require attention. This information will also assist you in undertaking strategic and operational planning.

We can facilitate the surveying of your clients in a professional and unbiased manner, and consolidate the data collected into meaningful and useable reports.

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Staff Surveys

The annual staff survey is an important tool for providing information about workplace culture and staff satisfaction, but collecting, consolidating, and analysing the data is time consuming.

The CareCFO team can manage your annual staff survey process, or review your current survey and make recommendations for improvement.


Incident Management Surveys

It is often beneficial to allow an experienced external party to assist with conducting surveys and investigations following an incident.

Following the investigation, we can provide advice regarding
best practice, mediation or advocacy services for the next steps in the process.

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Volunteer Surveys

If your organisation engages volunteers, it is important to take the time to understand their experience. We have worked with many organisations to develop volunteer strategies, and they all start with surveying the current volunteers. Because you can't get to where you want to be without knowing where you are.