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Ensuring your business is at its peak is crucial in a highly competitive market.

Establishing and running an early childhood education business is complex.

Our consultants have experience working in the highly regulated, compliance heavy childcare sector and can work with you to establish or improve your operations. 

Popular consulting services for the Childcare Sector:

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Popular seminars for the Childcare Sector:

Emerging Leaders
Emerging Leaders
Workplace Culture
Customer Service Essentials
Marketing Essentials
Business Meeting

Do you have a project that we can help with? Contact us to enquire about a customised quote for your business. 

Our experienced consulting team have helped thousands of organsiations across the country, from large multinational corporations to small providers in regional and rural locations throughout Australia.

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Governance Systems

Do you have a robust governance system that provides clear delineation over compliance, risk, legal, finance and audit matters?

If you need a governance system, or if your current one isn't working effectively, we can work with you to develop a strong governance framework. 

Governance Systems

Financial Reporting

Are your financial reports providing key information for proactive decision making in an easy to analyse format?

CareCFO working with our clients to develop end-user driven financial reports for Board and Management Reporting.  We have helped hundreds of clients improve their reporting for easier analysis and decision making. 

Financial Reporting

Payroll and Rostering Auditing

CareCFO provides comprehensive payroll auditing services. Our  Payroll Accountants have experience managing complex payroll systems in highly regulated sectors. We have worked with most payroll and rostering systems and can provide advisory services in relation to the configuration of payroll systems, implementation of payroll processes, and data integrity checks as a function of the payroll audits.

Payroll and Rostering Auditing

Project Management

Finding time to manage a new project on top of your day to day role is a challenge and in many cases will delay a project. Engaging a third party to manage your project provides peace of mind that your project will continue moving even when the realities of day to day take over.  We take the time to understand your vision and work to see it to fruition; with regular reporting to predetermined milestones. 

Project Management

Advertising Plans

Researching all of the available advertising options and weighing up the options to maximise return on investment across a range of mediums in your area is time consuming.

We can do the legwork for you and use our experience to put together a comprehensive advertising plans to achieve your goals.

Advertising Plans

Social Media Strategy

Social media is a necessity in the current market. While venturing into this space can be daunting, if you are considering dipping your toe, or if you have social media accounts that aren't being managed, we can help.


We will develop a social media strategy that is appropriate for your clientele, and can even assist with the ongoing management of your accounts.

Social Media Strategy
HR Strategy

HR Strategy

Employees are an organisations greatest asset and resource, yet too often organisations lack a clear strategy to get the most from this resource. 

CareCFO can work with you to tailor a HR Strategy that is suitable for your organisation now and into the future to ensure that you effectively manage your greatest asset. 

Induction Programs

Induction Programs

Do you have robust and engaging induction program? 

A great induction program should inspire, instill loyalty and demonstrate your values and workplace culture. Induction programs are often described as dull with information overload. Our team can work with you to develop an inspiring and engaging induction program to give your new recruits the best start in their role. 

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