Innovate and adapt in an ever changing environment with strategic business development projects.

Our services include:

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We provide a range of business development services to assist organisations with long term growth and sustainability in an ever changing and increasingly competitive environment. 

The scope of services we provide is as unique as our clients, with requests for new and innovation projects coming through all the time. 

Our consultants have years of business experience and can bring their expertise to your project.


Do you have a project that we can help with? Contact us to enquire about a customised quote for your business. 

Our experienced consulting team have helped thousands of organsiations across the country, from large multinational corporations to small providers in regional and rural locations throughout Australia.

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Acquisitions and Mergers

Merging with or acquiring another organisation involves a thorough review of all financial, human resources, and operational data. We offer an independent review of your intended merger or acquisition to ensure integrity of data and required checks and balances are in place. Our experience with this process means we often spot things our clients miss; allowing them to make more informed decisions.


Business Re-engineering

Does your organisation need a radical redesign of core business processes?

Effective business re-engineering achieves dramatic improvements in efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction.  Our consultants work with many organisations and can bring their knowledge of different structures and processes to provide fresh eyes to the re-engineering process.


Due Diligence

Effective due diligence requires a systematic and thorough process to ensure all aspects of an agreement are investigated and verified. Having an experienced, independent third party undertake this process for you can provide peace of mind that everything is in order.


Our consultants are due diligence experts and have a robust process to provide assurance that you're receiving all the information to make an informed decision.


Project Management

Finding time to manage a new project on top of your day to day role is a challenge and in many cases will delay a project. Engaging a third party to manage your project provides peace of mind that your project will continue moving even when the realities of day to day take over.  We take the time to understand your vision and work to see it to fruition; with regular reporting to predetermined milestones. 


ACAR Applications

The Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) is a competitive tendering process for residential aged care organisations to secure places and capital grants. We have been working with clients for years and have achieved successful results for many clients. We only take on a small number of ACAR clients each round, and you can contact us any time to be on the list for the next round.


Approved Provider Applications

Looking to become an approved provider of home care, residential care, flexible care services, or NDIS? 

Engage CareCFO to write your application. We have worked with many organisations and have experience assembling  thorough applications with a great success rate.


Grants and Tendering

Grants and tenders are an integral part of many organisation’s operating structure, yet writing grants and tendering is a time consuming process.


Our consultants are experts at writing tendering and grants documents; we know what to include and how to piece it together to increase your chance of being successful.


Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring can help unleash your potential. It provides an opportunity to bring outside wisdom and connections to your situation to enable you to navigate your way to success. Our mentors have experienced success and failure in business, and can guide you and help build your knowledge and confidence.