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Modern City


by CareCFO


Many organisations don't know they are underpaying their staff. Contact MyPayCheck for a payroll audit, before it's too late.

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Wage theft has become a hot topic with household name brands being put under the media spotlight. It seems like every other week there is a new company under scrutiny for underpaying their staff.

While often the errors are innocent, complex modern awards, particularly in the care sectors, can lead to simple miscalculations or misconfigurations of payroll systems, leading to underpayment of staff and major risk of exposure.

Be proactive and undertake a payroll audit with MyPayCheck. 

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Want MyPayCheck to check your pays?

We can audit your wages and entitlements to ensure they are accurate. We have helped many organisations avoid litigation by catching innocent errors early.

We will customise a quote based on the size of your organisation and the scope of work.

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