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In a growing market it is important that you ensure your viability and market share.

With more retirees in Australia than ever before, the Retirement living market is a growing one.  Unlike generations of the past, the current influx of retirees are more active, hold more wealth, and have higher expectations. Organisations that don't seek to innovate and evolve will be left behind. 

CareCFO has a lots of experience working with organisations in the Retirement Living sector to develop strategies to combat growing competition and changing consumer expectations. 

Popular consulting services for the Retirement Living Sector:

THUMB Our Sectors - Retirement

Popular seminars for the Retirement Living Sector:

Marketing Essentials
Aged Care and Disability Masterclass
Budgeting Fundamentals and Key Drivers
Retirement Villages Essentials
Leadership Fundamentals
Business Meeting

Do you have a project that we can help with? Contact us to enquire about a customised quote for your business. 

Our experienced consulting team have helped thousands of organsiations across the country, from large multinational corporations to small providers in regional and rural locations throughout Australia.

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Strategic Planning

Strategy is the heart of your organisation. Every decision made should be made in conjunction with the organisations Strategic Plan. We offer a variety of tailored Strategic Planning methodologies, designed to match your organisation’s size and strategic direction. Our consultants have assisted clients
across Australia to strengthen their organisation, increase operational efficiencies and improve the delivery of
their services.

Strategic Planning

Business System Reviews

If you have identified the need for a new software system but lack the time to adequately scope, select and implement a new business system, CareCFO can help.

We have worked with many organisations to review finance systems, payroll systems, rostering systems, care systems, HR systems and other key business software systems. 

Business System Reviews

Financial Analysis

CareCFO is built on working with organisations to improve their financial position. We are experienced and specialise in the aged care and disability sectors.

We can analyse your financial performance from an efficiency, productivity and benchmarking standpoint. Our financial analysis will identify recommendations for ongoing financial improvement and enhancement.

Financial Analysis

Due Diligence

Effective due diligence requires a systematic and thorough process to ensure all aspects of an agreement are investigated and verified. Having an experienced, independent third party undertake this process for you can provide peace of mind that everything is in order.


Our consultants are due diligence experts and have a robust process to provide assurance that you're receiving all the information to make an informed decision.

Due Diligence

Advertising Plans

Researching all of the available advertising options and weighing up the options to maximise return on investment across a range of mediums in your area is time consuming.

We can do the legwork for you and use our experience to put together a comprehensive advertising plans to achieve your goals.

Advertising Plans

Graphic Design

Our creative team can work with you to meet your graphic design needs. Whether it be developing a suite of brochures, creating social media collateral, or developing a polished presentation, our creative team have experience in marketing and apply a strategic eye to every piece of work they undertake. 

Graphic Design
HR Policies and Documentation

HR Policies and Documentation

Do you have the right policies for your organisation? Are they adhered to? Are they up to date with current legislative requirements? 


We can review your policies, procedures, and documents, or develop new ones, and make recommendations for best practice. 

Incident Management Surveys

Incident Management Surveys

It is often beneficial to allow an experienced external party to assist with conducting surveys and investigations following an incident.

Following the investigation, we can provide advice regarding
best practice, mediation or advocacy services for the next steps in the process.

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