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Budgeting Fundamentals & Key Drivers

Want to enhance your financial skills in the budget development and management process?



Face to Face Seminar


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Seminar Overview

Understanding budget methodology is crucial to developing a realistic and achievable budget. Our BUDG101 program helps you to develop the skills needed to analyse and develop budgets in a meaningful way that will provide greater benefit to your organisation than just adding CPI onto your last budget.

The program also explores the key drivers of the aged care business model to assist with the budget development process.

Course Outline

  • Understanding the budget process

  • Setting and understanding key performance indicators

  • Understanding the key financial management reports of an aged care business

  • Overview of financial related terminology

  • Identifying cost drivers and understanding how to manage them

  • Preparing scenario based individual resident costing and the key decisions in admitting a resident and the associated financial impact

  • Understanding the building blocks in developing a budget from the bottom up

  • Analysing performance and using variance analysis to identify opportunities for improvement

  • Understanding the lead indicators for deterioration in financial performance

  • Actions that should be taken to ensure consistent performance

  • How to motivate staff to take ownership of managing expenses and minimising wastage

  • How to manage and identify challenges that will influence the budgeted performance

  • How to engage managers in owning their budget

Suggested Participants

This program has been developed to enhance the skills of Facility and Care Managers, Admissions and Placement Officers, Finance and Administration Staff, Area Managers and Regional Managers.

This program will also provide a valuable insight into the aged care revenue streams for Board Members, Executive Team members, Internal and External Auditors and Financial Planners.

Upcoming Dates

2024 Webinar Scheduled Date:

  • Thursday, 7 March - 1pm - 4pm AEDT

F2F Seminar Registration

Program Testimonial

"It improved my understanding of the budget process and KPI management. I am now better able to ensure we develop a sustainable future." - Julie, Bruce ACT

*Seminar Pricing relates to face-to-face seminars that CareCFO schedules in our training calendar. Please check individual entries in the training calendar to see if they are webinars or seminars.  Webinars are denoted with a green dot, seminars are denoted with a blue dot. 


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We come to you to deliver the training, we can even personalise the content to be specific to your oganisation.

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