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Financial Reporting & Prudential Compliance

Compliance is a major part of being an Aged Care Provider. Make sure you're fully aware of your obligations.



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Seminar Overview

Aged Care Financial reporting (ACFR) has two key components being the General Purpose Financial Report (GPFR) and the Annual Prudential Compliance Statement (APCS). These items have a complex framework that providers must adhere to meet their reporting obligations on an annual basis.

The RESI201 program discusses the reporting obligations and governance requirements of meeting and complying with these obligations on an annual basis. The program is imperative for aged care business managers and accounting staff to ensure they understand, adhere to, and meet their compliance obligations on an ongoing basis.

Course Outline

  • This program assumes the knowledge in the RESI101 program facilitated by CareCFO

  • Compliance requirements for managing entry contributions, bonds and RAD/RACs

  • Understanding and complying with the four Prudential Compliance Standards, liquidity, records, governance and disclosure standards

  • Why the resident agreement and key document in complying with the disclosure standard

  • Accurate reporting of drawdowns against the RAD/RAC such as DAP, extra service fees and other fees and how this varies the DAP payable

  • Complying with permitted uses of RADs/bond funds

  • Allocating responsibilities to Key Personnel under the Prudential Compliance framework

  • Ensuing that your governance system has mechanisms in it for detecting, recording and addressing non compliance's

  • Overview of investment management strategies (IMS) and liquidity management strategies (LMS)

  • Key requirements of a RAD/RAC (Bond) Register

  • Accounting for RAD/RAC (Bonds) as well as RAD/RAC receivables

  • Completing the Annual Prudential Compliance Statement (APCS)

  • Reporting requirements for complex refunds and ensuring compliance with mandated timelines

  • Information on why variations of resident agreements are important to maintain with changes in DAC or room changes

  • Interest (MPIR/BIR) that is payable on refunds

Suggested Participants

This program has been designed to enhance the financial acumen of staff involved in ensuring compliance with the Aged Care Prudential Compliance standards, including Finance Staff, Administration Staff and Internal/External Auditing staff.

This program will also provide a valuable insight into the aged care revenue streams for Board Members, Executive Team members and Facility Managers.

Upcoming Dates

2024 Webinar Scheduled Dates:

  • Tuesday, 30 April - 1pm - 4pm AEST

F2F Seminar Registration

Program Testimonial

"Absolutely would have been lost without it – I’m sure I’ll be referring to the information given further down the track" - David, Newport VIC

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