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Design Principles & Financial Considerations in a Deregulated Aged Care Sector

What do you need to do to consider in a deregulated market?



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Seminar Overview

The Australian Government has made recent changes to residential aged care, with the deregulation of bed licensing restrictions. As the residential aged care sector moves into a competitive marketplace, providers need to start considering their competitive advantages. A new residential aged care system without 'bed licenses' will commence in 2024. This means that competitors can enter any marketplace at any time and compete with your business. If your accommodation is not up to standard, your facilities occupancy could be impacted which means your profitability will be certainly affected.

This seminar will discuss the Principles of good design and how they apply to both refurbishments of existing facilities and the creation of new facilities. It will explain how you can integrate good design principles into 5 core areas of running a viable aged care facility - Residents, Care, Facility Management, Back of House & Building Services.

This session is jointly hosted by CareCFO and O'Neill Architecture, a Brisbane based architectural firm who has undertaken several efficient design initiatives for some of Australia's largest providers. During this session you will get insights into design efficiencies, building initiatives that appeal to consumers and outbreak management design strategies as well as financial modelling and development funding option.

Course Outline

  • Regulatory Environment

  • Operational Environment

  • Design Principles

  • Staff Efficiency

  • Infection Control

  • How to Fund Building Refurbishments & Redevelopments

Suggested Participants

Executive and General Managers, Board Members, CEO's​

Upcoming Dates

2024 Webinar Scheduled Session:

Coming Soon

F2F Seminar Registration

Program Testimonial

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