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Courageous Conversations in a Care Leadership Environment

Having that conversations that you've been putting off may indeed change your work environment for the better. You would be surprised that opening a dialogue can actually bring the change you've been seeking


$249 + GST

Face to Face Seminar*

$199 + GST

Seminar Overview

Communication is key to ensure good working relationships between

manager and employee. Two-way conversations are vital whereby both

parties interact and information is passed back and forth which results in

successful outcomes.

This program has been developed to assist leaders

in having the ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’ conversations that often don’t occur

because it takes courage to bring up certain topics.

Courageous Conversations can be overwhelming but once a leader has

the skills and experience and most importantly the confidence to address

any workplace issue, they immediately see the benefits for both

themselves and the employee.

We follow a step by step guide to having

conversations within a Care Environment that have meaningful outcomes

for both parties and create an environment of trust and improved

workplace culture.

Course Outline

  • Definition of a courageous conversation.

  • Why we avoid them.

  • What are the negative impacts when we don’t focus on good communication.

  • Personal brand of a leader, do you want to be a revered leader or a weak leader?

  • Having the conversation, tips, tricks and the magic formula.

  • Why people can have overwhelming reactions, how do we manage this.

  • Follow up on conversations, why it’s important to continue talking.

  • Outcomes to expect.

  • Keep doing the work – it doesn’t stop here.

  • Ensuring your wellbeing before, during and after these conversations.

Suggested Participants

Team leaders



Aged Care


Allied Health

Community Services


Upcoming Dates

Available upon request. Please email us at for your request.

Program Testimonial

*Seminar Pricing relates to face-to-face seminars that CareCFO schedules in our training calendar. Please check individual entries in the training calendar to see if they are webinars or seminars.  Webinars are denoted with a green dot, seminars are denoted with a blue dot. 


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We come to you to deliver the training, we can even personalise the content to be specific to your oganisation.

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