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The fundamentals of Performance Management

Want to improve your confidence when leading performance management conversations?



Face to Face Seminar*


Seminar Overview

Most people dread annual performance appraisals and performance management conversations. For many, this is a box that needs to be checked off; an annoyance, and possibly a difficult and uncomfortable conversation.

We want to change the view of managing performance and turn it into a positive, stress-free process that provides meaningful outcomes for everyone involved. Our seminar will give a new perspective to managing performance with practical outcomes that can be implemented quickly.

Course Outline

  • Gain a new perspective on managing performance with practical outcomes that can be implemented quickly.

  • Understand the importance of planning for performance management meetings and strategies to have all bases covered.

  • Enhance your communication skills and learn how to manage defensive behaviour.

  • Learn how to establish boundaries and get buy-in from the start.

  • Identify and respond to drivers of conflict.

  • Understand the role of a mediator and how to navigate sensitive topics.

  • Explore common derailers and develop skills to overcome them and keep the conversation on track and on topic.

  • Engage people in planning for outcomes.

  • Develop coaching and mentoring skills.

  • Learn how to be reflecting and deescalate performance issues before they go too far.

  • Understand the role of leadership in relation to performance management.

Suggested Participants

This program has been developed to enhance the skills of anyone responsible for people and teams, including Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Human Resources staff members.

Upcoming Dates

2024 Webinar Scheduled Session:

Coming Soon

Program Testimonial

"I am new to my role and this has helped me develop the skills to conduct meaningful performance appraisals. I have a new perspective on the tough performance management conversations too." - Kathy, Canberra ACT

*Seminar Pricing relates to face-to-face seminars that CareCFO schedules in our training calendar. Please check individual entries in the training calendar to see if they are webinars or seminars.  Webinars are denoted with a green dot, seminars are denoted with a blue dot. 


Want your whole team to attend this seminar? Contact us to enquire about an in-house training session. 

We come to you to deliver the training, we can even personalise the content to be specific to your oganisation.

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