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Transforming Leaders into Mindful Leaders

Simple, evidence-based practices to enhance your wellbeing and leadership impact.



Face to Face Seminar*

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Seminar Overview


Leaders are the vital influencers in an organisation. It is their behaviour that most affects performance outcomes, organisational culture and the wellbeing of those they influence. However, many leaders haven’t been taught the foundational skills to recognise their own mental and emotional state and develop awareness of their impact on others.


Mindfulness training with leaders in the workplace has been studied extensively and has been shown to reliably boost job performance and wellbeing, not just of the leader, but also the performance and wellbeing of their followers. Mindfulness training is used by leading organisations including Google, Apple, Nike, Goldman Sachs, AstraZeneca and Deutsche Bank. We are seeing a growing demand in the care space for mindfulness training due to the leadership pressures related to industry reforms, workforce issues and COVID'


Additionally, leader mindfulness is reliably shown to enhance leadership flexibility, improve objective thinking, improve management competence, improve work relationship quality and strengthen working memory.


Mindfulness is a skill that anyone can learn. This program teaches you how to develop the skills of mindfulness and to apply to them to your work life, to enjoy the personal and professional benefits of mindfulness practice.

Course Outline

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the contemporary science of mindfulness

  • Understand the recent evidence for mindfulness and workplace outcomes

  • Know and apply a variety of simple practices to build the skill of mindfulness

  • Understand the model and benefits of Mindful Leadership

  • Know and apply simple practices that enhance Mindful Leadership

Suggested Participants

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Senior managers

  • Team leaders

  • Aspiring leaders

Upcoming Dates

2024 Webinar Scheduled Dates:

Coming Soon

F2F Seminar Registration

Program Testimonial

*Seminar Pricing relates to face-to-face seminars that CareCFO schedules in our training calendar. Please check individual entries in the training calendar to see if they are webinars or seminars.  Webinars are denoted with a green dot, seminars are denoted with a blue dot. 


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We come to you to deliver the training, we can even personalise the content to be specific to your oganisation.

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