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Workforce Planning

We all want to give our best to our employer. We want to contribute, feel valued and be acknowledged for our success. In thinking about our organisation from the top down, we look at our vision, mission, values, and strategy. Of course, a large part of our strategy for success involves our human resources, our people!

To be successful we cannot just rely on what we know now and continue without considering what the future might look like. We have seen enormous change in the past 2.5 years and with a pandemic, staff shortages and overwork with many employees working additional shifts.

A valuable contribution to the ongoing success of our organisation is to document a Workforce Plan.

Workforce Planning is a continual process used to align the needs and priorities of an organisation with those of its workforce to ensure that legislative, regulatory, service, and operational requirements are met.

I highly recommend this process for any organisation, particularly in the aged care and disability sectors with whom I work closely. Conducting a deep analysis of your workforce and gaining an understanding of your needs now versus the next 3-5 years is essential during this time of workforce shortages.

The areas of risk need to be highlighted and documented so organisations can provide a continuity of care for residents and participants. By anticipating change, we are more likely to meet demand.

How do we go about documenting a workforce plan? I cannot promise it is a quick process, but it is a worthwhile one. Using a workforce planning tool, information on the organisation is collected to identify the current state.

An analysis of the expected future state is conducted considering all the information that we gather from a political, environmental, social, and technological perspective.

Between the current point and the future state expected, we find gaps and it is those that we begin to action by assigning tasks amongst the stakeholders.

This plan then aligns with the Human Resources strategy and is continually reviewed to ensure results.

In order to support the care sector, I’m running a 3 hour session, WORP101 Workforce Planning on Thursday 4th August.

We will supply our participants with a Workforce Plan and follow a Case Study to demonstrate how a plan can be created from start to finish.

CareCFO also offers consultancy services to assist in building your Workforce Plan.

To book in for our session please follow this link:

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