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Information Management Policy

This document is a template and acts as a foundational Information Management Policy (Standard 2) that commits your organisation to maintain effective information management systems that keep appropriate controls of privacy and confidentiality for stakeholders. This document contains 18 pages and 3820 words.


This template contains the following sections:

  • Policy Statement
  • Procedure
    • Information Management System
    • Entering Service
    • Ongoing Documentation Procedures
    • Setting Up and Maintaining Files for Participants
    • Participant File Formats
    • Transporting a Participant’s Hard Copy Files
    • Communication/File Notes for Participants
    • Working from Home
    • Access to Participants Files
    • Staff Records
    • Minutes of Meetings
    • Other Administrative Information
    • Electronic Information Management
    • Monitoring Information Management Processes and Systems
    • Archival and Storage
    • Destruction of Records
    • Consent
  • Related Documents
  • References
  • Attachment A: Disposal and Archiving of Documents

Information Management Policy

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