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Retirement Villages Essentials


The ultimate guide for retirement village operators in all States.



Retirement Villages Essentials

The ultimate guide for retirement village operators in all States.


$299 + GST

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Seminar Overview

Many retirement village operators can be overwhelmed with the complexities of managing and operating their retirement villages amidst the ever evolving compliance requirements. Each State and Territory has varying rules and regulations.

This comprehensive program, facilitated by Danielle Lim from DSL Law and Joseph Dimarco from CareCFO, is based on the fundamentals of operating a retirement village to provide clarity around the regulations. It will provide participants with a practical overview of retirement village legislation, compliance requirements, financial management, risk management and operational processes.

This session is designed for those Retirement Village operators who want to ensure that they are operating at a ‘best practice’ standard, and are compliant with the requirements under the relevant state-based legislation.

Providing retirement essential information for providers across Australia, this program has been developed to equip participants with key knowledge, including an overview of the drivers of change for the retirement village industry, retirement village regulations and the regulatory obligations when a resident enters, lives in and leaves your retirement village.

The program also provides commentary about the future of retirement living including care, services, investment, built form and regulations.

Course Outline

  • Retirement Village sector overview (including compliance)

  • Overview of the regulation of retirement villages

  • Key Considerations and compliance when a resident move into the village

  • Key considerations and compliance requirements of when a resident lives in the village

  • Key considerations and implications of when a resident leaves the village

  • Operator financial model key drivers and considerations

  • What the future holds for the retirement living sector

Suggested Participants

This session is ideal for:

  • Retirement Village Managers and Supervisors

  • Board Members of Retirement Village Operators

  • Retirement Village Sales & Operations Staff

  • Retirement Village Finance and Administration Staff

2023 Dates

Webinar Scheduled Sessions 2023:

2024 Dates Coming Soon

*Seminar Pricing relates to face-to-face seminars that CareCFO schedules in our training calendar. Please check individual entries in the training calendar to see if they are webinars or seminars.  Webinars are denoted with a green dot, seminars are denoted with a blue dot. 

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