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Seminar Overview

Become a Microsoft Excel master with our EXCE201 seminar. Moving on from the fundamentals, this workshop delves into more complex functionality of Excel.

Pivot tables, quick analysis, complex formulas, and functions are just part of the key learning outcomes of this program.

This program assumes knowledge of our EXCE101 - Microsoft Excel Beginners program.

Course Outline

  • Use common worksheet functions.

  • Use filling techniques.

  • Apply a variety of page setup techniques.

  • Use a range of techniques to work with worksheets.

  • Apply borders to cells and ranges in a worksheet.

  • Create and use defined names in a workbook.

  • Apply conditional formatting in ranges in a worksheet.

  • Create and work with tables.

  • Use a variety of financial functions.

  • Select and change the format of object in a chart.

  • Use a range of elements and features to enhance charts.

  • Create more complex formulas and functions.

  • Apply a range of number formatting techniques to sheet cells.

  • Understand and use Excel's Quick Analysis tools.

  • Understand and create basic pivot tables

Suggested Participants

Seminar participants will be required to bring a laptop to the session with Microsoft Excel installed.

The presenter will be using 2019 version, if you are using an older version, the functionality may not be available during the session.

Upcoming Dates

Webinar Scheduled Sessions:

  • Wednesday, 3 April - 1pm - 4pm AEDT

  • Tuesday, 27 August - 1pm - 4pm AEDT


Want your whole team to attend this seminar? Contact us to enquire about an in-house training session. 

We come to you to deliver the training, we can even personalise the content to be specific to your oganisation.

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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Build on your skills to become an excel master user.



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