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Asset Management - Simple Version

This document is a template and acts as a foundational Asset Management Policy. The policy and procedure guideline is designed to give all staff the information for the recognition and management of non-current physical assets. The information provided will define assets and inventory items and detail the procedures for their management.


This version contains 16 pages and 4,333 words with the following topics:


  1. Admission approved suppliers and external contractors
  2. Subcontracting service delivery
  3. Purchasing
  4. Receipt of goods
  5. Asset recording
  6. Insurance
  7. Risk assessment
  8. Storage
  9. Maintenance by an external contractor
  10. Equipment register (consumer loans)
  11. Staff and Volunteer Vehicles
  12. Monitoring and Maintaining Equipment and Facilities
  13. Vehicle Policy
  14. Fire and Emergency Procedures

Asset Management - Simple Version

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