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Client Safety and Security Policy

This document is a template and acts as a foundational Client Safety and Security Policy (Standard 1) that fosters a culture in your organisation that supports care recipients to identify and manage their risks and has established protocols that aim to prevent, minimise, or eliminate exploitation and/or physical or physiological harm to care recipients themselves and/or others before they occur. This document contains 9 pages and 3139 words.


This template contains the following sections:

  • Policy Statement
  • Scope
  • Relevant Legislation
  • Other Relevant Documents
  • Protocols
    • Promoting Home Safety and Security
    • Promoting Personal Safety and Security
    • Promoting Financial Security
    • Management of a Client Non-Response to a Schedule Visit
    • Promoting Client Safety During Social Outings
    • Transport of Clients
    • Identification and Management of Client Abuse
  • Related Policies

Client Safety and Security Policy

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