Want a seminar developed that is specific to your organisation?

Popular in-house tailored seminars include:

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Our experienced facilitators have worked with many organisations to develop specific training programs, or customise our existing programs to include tailored information for an in-house delivery.   

Having an external facilitator deliver a tailored seminar to staff in your organisation is the perfect combination to ensure maximum engagement and long-term benefit from training. 

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Managing Conflict and Demands
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Customer Service Essentials
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Emerging Leader

Do you have a seminar you want customised for your team? Contact us to enquire about an in-house training session. 

We come to you to deliver the training; we can even personalise the content to be specific to your oganisation.

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Looking for another seminar?

All of the seminars in our training schedule can be delivered as in-house sessions for your organisation.

Explore our range of Finance and Essentials Seminars.

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Aged Care and Disability Masterclass

A comprehensive program for Aged Care and Disability Boards and Management teams that explores Corporate Governance, Sector trends and future directions, Risk Management, Innovation, Financial Drivers, Human Resources and Marketing.

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Customer Service Essentials

The challenge for many is changing the focus of team members from being task oriented to customer service focused. The program has been developed for frontline staff and draws on the customer experience fundamentals that lead to the delivery of a high level of customer service in the aged care and disability sectors.


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Emerging Leaders

The course develops participants knowledge and leadership skills across a number of core learning areas in a flexible learning environment, that includes face to face delivery, group projects, workplace projects, and online support material. This allows participants to develop relationships with other aspiring leaders and put their new knowledge to practice.

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Managing Performance

Most people dread annual performance appraisals and performance management conversations. For many, this is a box that needs to be checked off; an annoyance, and possibly a difficult and uncomfortable conversation.


We want to change the view of managing performance and turn it into a positive, stress-free process that provides meaningful outcomes for everyone involved.

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Enhancing Communication

Increasing communication skills is the cornerstone of being able to successfully deliver services. A range of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques are explored during the session, along with an exploration of the drivers of conflict, how to manage competing demands, and setting and maintaining client expectations - all of which become a lot easier to manage with improved communication skills.

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Identifying and Responding to Conflict

Empower your staff to alleviate stressful situations with CONF101; a session that equips participants with tools to minimise the impact of conflict and hostile situations in the workplace. Participants will learn about the drivers of conflict, as well as how to identify and respond to various conflict styles.

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Technology and Data Breach Management

The TECH101 program is designed to give leaders a fundamental understanding of technology and the risks associated with implementing and using technology on a daily basis. The program also discusses the legislation relating to data breaches and the responsibility aged care and disability providers have in relation to reporting any breaches.

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Team Building

Whether your team runs like a well-oiled machine or aren’t moving to the same beat, our Team Building workshop will bring your team together by engaging them in a series of fun individual and group activities centred around enhancing communication, trust, team work, and problem solving.This program combines fun, practical, hands on activities with reflective, thought-provoking activities to challenge and inspire participants.